LRS Case Study Referenced in SFGate

Customer Paying In Coffee Shop Using Touchscreen

Featured in -  The SFGate referenced Long Range Systems' case study on average wait times in its article about how tablet technology can make restaurants more profitable. From smart phone apps to menu tablets for customers, tablet technology is offering customers more convenience during their experience and restaurants a better way to run its business. Read more about it here. ... Keep Reading >

LRS Rebranding to Change Guest Experience


Featured in Hospitality Technology -  Long Range Systems, the original pager company, is recognized for evolving and rebranding to enhance the guest experience across multiple markets. Hospitality Technology reports LRS has expanded its arsenal of guest experience tools to accommodate management needs. Read more about it here. PDF: Hospitality Technology: LRS Rebranding Efforts. ... Keep Reading >

LRS Case Study Referenced in Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch


Featured in WSJ's MarketWatch -  The Wall Street Journal's Market Watch referenced Long Range Systems' case study on average wait times for guests in restaurants. Big players such as Starbucks are taking an interest in finding solutions to decrease the wait. According to the LRS case study, the average wait time is 24 minutes. In an effort to stay ahead of the waiting game, Starbucks plans to give ... Keep Reading >

Remedy Poor Guest Experiences Before Customers Leave

Featured in Restaurant Hospitality -  Management in the restaurant industry isn't just about managing a physical location: it also involves managing customer perceptions. Skip Cass, chief executive officer of Long Range Systems, has an editorial in Restaurant Hospitality, explaining how technology and data can be used to manage a restaurant's reputation before guests even walk out the door Restaurant ... Keep Reading >

CEO Skip Cass speaks about LRS’ evolving technologies

Featured in Price of Business -  Kevin Price, host of Price of Business radio show, interviews Skip Cass, chief executive officer of LRS, on the advent and evolution of the company's restaurant technologies and how those those solutions are impacting other industries like healthcare today. Listen here… ... Keep Reading >

LRS’ RFID Technology Speeds Up Service at Jason’s Deli Restaurants

Featured in Hospitality Technology- Jason's Deli's installation of the Table Tracker garnered quantifiable increases in service speed that was featured in The Hospitality Technology. LRS created an RFID system that helps food runners serve food faster to customers. To learn more about Jason's Deli's experience with Table Tracker, read this. Hospitality Technology - RFID Tracking System at Jason's ... Keep Reading >