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Paging API

Paging API

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Use your solution to activate LRS paging equipment. Notify guests, staff, or receive requests for service.

ALERT – “Bzzzz”

Let visitors know service is ready

NOTIFY – “Order up in Kitchen”

Let staff know when they’re needed

REQUEST – “Nurse needed in Exam room 6”

Request assistance from others


Tracker API

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Merge LRS trackers into your operational system to quickly locate and serve guests.


Find customers quickly


Notify customers when service is ready


Correlate delivery data with other operational data

Data Reporting

Cloud API

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Coming soon. Collect and analyze data from your paging or tracking system.

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Complement your solution by integrating LRS tools. Equip your business with the power of connecting guests and staff in an instant.

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By integrating LRS equipment, your system becomes more valuable. Or, join our referral or dealer program to benefit financially when new LRS sales opportunities arise.

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As an LRS partner, we’ll work with you to find new opportunities to grow business.

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