Better Tools To Manage Hotel and Restaurant Guests

Whether your business is a hotel or restaurant, it’s about catering to customers’ needs. With LRS solutions, customers are well informed, reassured knowing that you’re attending to them, and walk away happy. Equip your staff with industry-leading guest management tools and watch your business flow with ease.

  • Paging Systems >
    • Notify waiting customers when their table or room is ready
    • Provide customers call-buttons to request service while by the pool or on the patio
    • Increase food delivery speed with a kitchen-to-server paging system
    • Connect staff and management with messaging pagers or radio systems
  • On Cue >
    • Manage restaurant guest lists with a simple iPad app
    • Offer customers the option to be notified by text message or through an LRS messaging device
  • Table Tracker >
    • Precisely locate seated customers and deliver food faster
    • Prioritize restaurant orders to speed food preparation and delivery
    • Monitor order delivery times and make operational improvements
  • Check Point >
    • Capture on-site survey response for instant feedback